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Almost 45 thousand people inhabit only in municipal committee Sharaqpur Sharif who are connected to various professions and businesses for their survival. Centuries old and ancient history of the city is very rich and fictitious type. One is totally amazed listening the fascinating folk tales and incidents. It will not be wrong to say that this city, situated at the bank of river Ravi, “The Land of Saints”. Sharaqpur takes the word Sharif with its name owing to its attachment with the famous spiritual saint Mian Sher Muhammad.

Whosoever came to Sharaqpur , lived here forever because the spiritual satisfaction of the holy saints is mixed in its soil. Undoubtedly the people, believing in the spiritual values, have religious bent of mind. That’s why malice and enmities could never grow here. People of different sects lived here like brothers and people hate baradrism.  Even the history of Muslim- Christian brotherhood is exemplary. The Sikhs, believers of Baba Guru Nanak, also live in the city, who are attached with the profession of medicine. Verily this city is the core of peace and fragrances in which every person is free to act upon his creed and religion.

But there is one undeniable and harsh reality seeing that injures and bleeds our hearts and souls i.e. our discrimination f social life. The history of local body elections manifests that in every election, the public always s elected the most prominent casts i.e. Rajpoot, Sheikh etc.  Jutt, and Khokhar also keep a decisive power. But the people belonging to the low casts called the gypsies have no role at all in politics. According to the survey of Women & Children’s Welfare Foundation, 336 persons are living in the slums and ghettoes in the suburbs of Saharaqpur Sharif. Among them 107 are 8 years old boys and 86 are girls of the same age. Married and unmarried males are 69 and females are 74.

 As far as their professions are concerned, they are very meager and low paid and such professions are despised by the other members of the society, e.g. they are jugulars, pipe whistlers, and litter collectors mostly. 5 children out of 107 go to nearby schools and mosques. Only 3 girls out of 86 are able to go to school. None of the single man out of 69 is able to write his name. Their females too, even don’t know which thumb is used while making CNIC. These people living a humiliating life.

 They have no idea about their political rights nor have they heard that Pakistan is a welfare estate. The use of newspapers, T.V and internet has converted this world into a global village. But they have not the least concern with the communication system and that communication is limited within their slums.

These people are never seen on the roads protesting for their rights. They don’t make any NGO for themselves. They don’t know about the schedule of light and gas load shedding. Nor they know why the prices of petrol and diesel fluctuate every month. If they fall ill, they can’t even imagine of private hospitalization. Ambulance is beyond their access if any accident happens. Have they ever demanded a water filter plant or any of these may have gone to China or India for liver surgery?

We only content after saying about these people living below poverty line that they are destined to live in these circumstances forever and we can’t change their future because they like to live in unclean and filthy environment. Their problem is not local rather universal. These people dislike the geographical lines set by the civilized countries. They don’t like to live in the residences of cities and villages.

But Women & Children’s Welfare Foundation thinks on the contrary. The foundation says that the division and justice of nature are not blind like human vision. It is crystal that there is no defect and fault in Divine Justice. The sun, the moon, and the stars give light to everyone equally. Air, rain and cloud are for every human.

 The freshness of forests and the fragrance of the garden touch the senses of every person. Every person eats through one way and ejects through one way. It is the agenda of foundation that it is not the will of the Creator to push one group of His creation in to the abundance of paradise-like blessing and the others into the deep valleys of deprivations.  Nature doesn’t want its creation humiliated rather it negates the man-made so called scales.

Those states which take notice of their ever increasing poverty and literacy rate the people living below poverty line of such countries are equal to our balanced people. In ours, the standard of Red line and poverty is something different.

Have we ever thought the dwellers of Saharaqpur, how far do we do justice with the people living in the tents. The people of Saharaqpur! Listen to the voice of the foundation make the tent-livers the focus of you attention for a moment. There are the children with running noses dressed in tatters. Their dreams are shattered before their materialization. What a poor life this is!

There are so many people who are beseeched to see the humans and animals equally feeding on the remains of marriage functions. Have they ever been honored inviting them in any political ceremony? Why do not the human organizations invite such people on the stage? My people! Life is a wall of sand or water bubble. Worldly materials are bound to exist here only. Donations are the fruits of the next world. Life is uncertain while death is certain. Let us change the life of these unfortunates.

Winter season has set in. They have no warm clothes, shoes, blankets and quits etc. Children are where so ever they may be the common assets of humans are. These children need education and treatment if they pet ill. Let us Support Women & Children’s Welfare Foundation and arrange something for the God’s creation for winters. It is included in the civic right of every citizen is take care of these. It has been too late already. Let us try to compensate them otherwise we will have to be answerable on the last day when we will be the front of our God almighty Allah

The pictures given below are not the master pieces of any art gallery but these are the inhabitants of slums living around Saharaqpur whose naked heads and feet are yelling that we are also humans. We deserve. Help us.     



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